Sompong Seafood first and only in Samutprakan,No branch.     ไทย | English
1. Four Hors Doeuvres 
2. Chinese-Style Oyster Frittata 
3. Special Oyster Frittata Pan-Fried Thai-Style 
4. Sizzling Pan-Fried Mixed Seafood 
5. Shrimp Cake served with Plum Dip 
6. Fish Cakes with Sweet Chili Dip 
7. Thai-Style Prawn Tempura served with Plum Dip 
8. Thai-Style Batter-Fried Calamari with Plum Dip 
9. Fried Prawns served with Plum Dip 
10. Deep-Fried Pickled Pork Ribs 
11. Deep-Fried Salted Chicken 
12. Fried Cashew Nuts 
13. Pork Jerky 
14. Stir-Fried Mixed Seafood with Chili and Thai Herbs 
15. Steamed Crabmeat Curry served in Banana Leave Basket 
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