Sompong Seafood first and only in Samutprakan,No branch.     ไทย | English
Salad & Side Dishes
62. Spicy Raw Prawns in Lime Juice and Fish Sauce 
63. Spicy Prawns Salad Tossed in Sliced Lemongrass, Mint Leaves, and Crushed Roasted Rice 
64. Poached Pork covered in Lime, Garlic and Chili Dressing 
65. Mixed Seafood Tossed in Isaan-Style Spicy Dressing , Mint and Crushed Roasted Rice 
66. Thai Spicy Mixed Seafood Salad 
67. Crispy Spicy Salad with Sun-Dried Squids and Cashew Nuts 
68. Wing Beans Spicy Salad 
69. Spicy Lemongrass Salad with Prawns and Herbs 
70. Spicy Cockle Salad 
71. Spicy Squid Salad 
72. Spicy Vermicelli and Minced Pork Salad 
73. Deep-Fried Catfish Served with Spicy Green Mango Dressing 
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